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“Virtualization raises the bar for hardware availability”

eraser 29 febrero, 2008 0

Hoy traemos información sobre “Virtualization raises the bar for hardware availability”. También hablan de ello en el economista…. [Enlace bloqueado por la Tasa española AEDE].

Why hardware availability is critical in a virtualized world?

The paradox of virtualization is that it removes hardware dependencies while making hardware even more important. Although any one virtual machine is liberated from being tied to a physical server, a collection of virtual machines rely even more heavily on hardware –- many fewer physical servers now support a large collection of virtual machines.

In a virtualized world, where a single server may support 5, 10, or even 20+ virtual machines, hardware becomes more important, not less! This is because a hardware failure no longer impacts one application but several applications, thus impacting a wider user population.

The combination of Stratus ftServer® Systems and VMware® Infrastructure 3 suite addresses the full spectrum of availability challenges: hardware and software failures as well as planned and unplanned downtime. Benefiting from the Stratus Continuous Processing technology is as easy as loading your software.
VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 and Stratus ftServer Systems:
Bulletproof Virtualization!

* Stratus adds greater then “5-Nines” (>99.999%) availability to the VMware VI3 infrastructure!
* Stratus servers offer software and operational compatibility with standard Intel-architecture servers!
* VMware VI3 adds the benefits of virtualization to the continuous availability benefits of Stratus servers!
* Together, Stratus and VMware provides the highest availability and best service and support for your enterprise virtualization infrastructure!

“Virtualization … is clearly expanding the market for fault-tolerant systems.”
The Yankee Group

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