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One Keyboard and Mouse, Two Computers

eraser 29 abril, 2008 0

Hoy traemos un post interesante  titulado One Keyboard and Mouse, Two Computers del blog Experiencing E-Learning de

In response to my post about liveblogging an online conference, Stephen Downes asked about my workflow using Synergy. In this post, I explain some of the technical information about how Synergy works and the few minor issues I’ve had; in my next post, I’ll explain my workflow with Synergy.

Synergy is an open source program that works like sort of like a virtual KVM switch, except both computers use their own monitors. I guess that makes it KM instead (no video). It’s for people who keep two computers on their desk but want to share a keyboard and mouse between them. This is different from a dual-monitor setup, where you essentially just have a lot of screen space for one computer. I actually run both my laptop and desktop simultaneously, using both throughout the day. (leer más…)

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